A Global “Wallet”

Dr. Michael LaitmanEuropean countries assumed that by creating a common currency and uniting against America and Russia, they would become the third power. But it turned out that union also involves trust, a feeling of collectivity, mutual participation, common finances, and the disappearance of borders, meaning cultures. In other words, everything is common.

Boundaries can still be removed between countries, but the “wallet” cannot be common. After all, this is the most important! It reflects our feelings and relationships. When do we say that people live together? When they have a “common pot.” This is the way it was in ancient times, and this is the way it is now.

If a husband and a wife have separate bank accounts, they go out to a restaurant, and each pays for himself, is this a real family? But today this is considered to be normal: You pay for this, I pay for that, and this is how we exist.

The process of evolution has led us to a point where we find ourselves connected with one another in the entire world, and not just in Europe. However, people still experience it differently in different places. The world must come to a state where people must treat each other well. This is where the problem is!

We are unable to come to a certain diplomatic agreement with one another. Europe is a good example of this. They just cannot do it! It is necessary to destroy the egoistic connections and build altruistic, meaning, common connections instead. There must be collectivity! And this collectivity must be above all our differences. Here, I am not referring to contradictions. Contradictions must be destroyed, but differences have to remain. Above them, we have to create a collective, which will be called a “common nation”: Europeans. And that is it. Nothing else.

Why should the Spanish, Italians, Greeks, French, Germans, and others feel like they are separate nations? Is it because they have different languages? Their languages will gradually be replaced with just one language or a combination of languages, for example with Esperanto. It does not matter. Nature is obligating us to do it, otherwise we will not be able to fix things.
From the Talk on Mutual Guarantee 9/25/2011

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