The Fork-Lift Truck

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we measure efforts? History shows us that for some Kabbalists the path was easy and others suffered greatly. How can it be that one passed the Machsom (the barrier) in five years, another in thirty years, and still another made great efforts and achieved nothing at all?

Answer: We cannot compare people’s efforts. After all, we don’t know their starting position and their place in the general system.

Suppose someone is on the top fifth position in the pyramid of souls. However, accordingly, he is born with the worst desires, with the most corrupt attributes, and he has to work on them many years—say not just thirty, but thirty years times ten live cycles. How long does it take for him to reach the states that allow him to reach his “place” and to attain the root of his soul? In the meantime, you feel sorry for him: “Poor soul!” But another person may belong to the middle layers and do his work easily in a couple of years.

As far as we, people with the point in the heart, the souls that belong to the category of “Israel,” are concerned, we have to work very hard. First, unlike the “nations of the world,” we were at the top already and went through shattering. Their desires to receive were always that way, but our situation is much worse, and hence our corrections are much more difficult. The hatred towards the nation of Israel and the troubles it went through over the course of history attest to it.

Even the spiritual path, the ascent to the mountain, is much more difficult for us than it is for the rest of the world, for whom the ascent will be easy. People will just join us: “Yes, we want to, we are ready.” They will really feel that it is worth it. The evil inclination, the shattered desire, hides in us, and not in them. They only bring their “weight,” the load that is tied to your feet. Now you have to invent the mechanism that will lift this heaviness.

How can we create such a “fork-lift truck”? How will it operate? What blocks and ligaments does it need? We have to decide this. People bring us their luggage and leave it at the terminal, like in the airport, and we have to load and deliver it.

There is no reason to be outraged by it. Moreover, no one can claim that his path is easier or more difficult, compared to somebody’s else. After all, you do not “clothe” in the other, and hence you can’t compare or complain. By nature, you are absorbed in yourself, and you cannot measure efforts.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/2011, “One Commandment”

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