The Solution To The Crisis Is The Revelation Of The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we connect the structure of the universe we are studying with the development of the current crisis?

Answer: Malchut of the world of Infinity has divided into an enormous number of separate egoistic pieces, which now must acquire their common structure.

How do they do it? We do not know and cannot know this structure—it is very complicated. Eventually it will become revealed to us. But there is an enormous number of connections between us, and we have to “restore” these connections. We restore them when we work with one another, disseminate, and unite.

The Solution To The Crisis Is The Revelation Of The Light1

This is exactly what we have to do. This is our objective, and this is what the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks of.

The current crisis, on one hand, is the revelation of the system of the common interconnection (colored red in the drawing), but on the other, it is the demonstration of the fact that we are egoists and do not wish to be connected with one another. Every one of us is a separate egoist.

So what do we do? The crisis appears because we are separate egoists, but the actual system is altruistic. Where can we hide from each other? Nowhere. No props will help us fix this crisis now, even though in Europe they have been thinking a lot about finding a solution. But they are not able to think of anything because the only thing that can be done is to restore an integrated system of connections between us. We will not be able to achieve anything without restoring it.

The entire problem is for the upper Light to start operating between us, and we could open the path for it through ourselves towards one another. This is called mutual guarantee. I reveal the Light for you, you for me, and thus we reveal it for one another, until the Light fills the entire volume of the world of Infinity.

The Solution To The Crisis Is The Revelation Of The Light2

Today we are in the beginning of the path. We must do all of this together. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah exists for. This is why we go out to the streets and try explaining this to people.

The extent to which they will join us will make it easier for us to open all leaves and valves on the path of the upper Light. I hope that in this way we will quickly come closer to solving the crisis. We have a medicine, a remedy for it. We simply need to fully reveal it for us and the others and start using it.

Good luck to you in this. I hope instead of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, we will feel it going through us.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 10/16/2011

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  1. I think we also have to understand that “seeing” the Creator is seeing the connections between us and good, but “seeing” is also seeing the hatred and bad. The only difference is when we see the bad, do we see it as a bad sensation or do we see it as bad because it is created by the Creator. It’s easier to see how we would feel good by giving if we got something in return, it is harder to see how we would feel good to give to something when we won’t get something back. I also think it’s a matter of interpreting the bad as “taking” something from us or interpreting it as the same Creator who gives us good.

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