If Love Is So Important, Then What Are We Waiting For?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe principle of love for the neighbor as for oneself is known to all, yet there is a lot of confusion surrounding it. Eveyrone agrees that they have to love one another, although some are wiling to exterminate a large part of humanity out of their love, thinking, “Those wretched people! Why should they suffer?” And it’s even more surprising how vaguely this principle is reflected in different religions.

As a result, we are cooled, and we are not worried about not loving our neighbor. Our upbringing and environment have completely neglected this question. Therefore, it is time to stop and think: Is it really that important? Maybe it’s enough to give moral teachings to children and to show elementary respect among adults? Or should love for the neighbor nevertheless be the goal of life at every moment for every person and everyone together? Should we live just in order to attain this quality as fast as possible?

This question we face is extremely important. If we are talking about the meaning of life, about the attainment of the goal for which we came into this world, then why do we neglect this principle so much? In essence, we are extremely far from understanding the fact that this principle is the universal law of the universe and of nature. All other laws which we know, and especially ones we do not know, rotate around this axis.

If we want to understand ourselves and the world we are in, then we have to attain the general law of creation. Without attaining love for the neighbor, we won’t be able to find out who we are and where we are. This is the key allowing us to see the whole picture correctly, to understand it, to feel it, to become included in it and to use it for total self-realization.

By acquiring love for the neighbor in practice, we attain the quality of the Creator. All other laws are just facets, partial expressions of this fundamental law of reality. It’s similar to how the law of gravity can be expressed in different ways, but as a whole, it always determines how one object is attracted to another.

There is a general phenomenon and there are particular cases of it. There is a law of universal bestowal, and for us it is first and foremost expressed as the social principle, “love your neighbor as yourself.” By realizing this principle in society, we carry out the universal law. It controls us, and if we want to arrange our lives well, we have to aspire to realizing it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/27/11, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings”

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