A Training Fall

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What kind of contract do we form that allows us to continue when our desire disappears?

Answer: A contract formed for the sake of the future is like an athlete training for a future competitive performance. I am training now because I want to attain great results later.

These are artificial exercises in the same way as when I lift a bar-bell, jump to get stronger, and then perform what I am now training for. I do exercises that imitate the future state so that I can better withstand it when it comes.

This is done in the army and anywhere else where the purpose is to educate a person and prepare him or her for special actions. The real-life situation is imitated with the use of imagination. The person knows that he is participating in training maneuvers that are directly related to reality and are close to the situations he will encounter in real combat.

In forming a contract, we are working for the future. The only difference is that in our contract, we want to connect with the upper force that we feel close to now. This is why we do exercises that teach us to not detach from it even in states of separation that will come at some later time.

There is no past, present, or future. I do not attract anything from the past; everything exists in me now, in the present. However, today, when I prepare myself for a state of descent, I receive an opportunity to better withstand it.

After all, I have already built the model of this state and did the exercises ahead of time to prepare for what will happen if the Light that Reforms does not come to me, and the strength that supports me will not be there. Otherwise, how could I demand it and act as it was with me.

I form this contract with my friends and the Creator, the force that gives me life and supports me, the force of spiritual life. Right now, this force holds me and gives me the opportunity to listen and learn, but a day could come when I could not come to the lesson, participate in it, advance, or ask questions. Then, I will want the force, which now is close to me and inspires me to study, to stay with me and help me once again.

I train for the future in the exact same way as any sportsman or person who thinks about tomorrow and prepares himself for future action. This is not a written contract, but you can replay this situation within you as if you were going somewhere with somebody else. Come to certain arrangements with another person and do certain things. For this reason, you plan ahead of time how you will be going, what you will say, and how you present yourself. You place yourself in a similar situation ahead of time.

However, what is special about a spiritual contract is that you form it when you are full of strength and plan for a future state of complete hopelessness, trying to become accustomed to it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/2011, Writings of Rabash

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