How Can We Tell The World About The Force Of Unity?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we explain the Kabbalistic education method at the UN?

Answer: When I meet with politicians and religious activists who represent different faiths, I tell them about education by means of the right environment. When people unite with one another the right way, they discover an additional force of unity within their environment. This force is enrooted in nature itself and it influences everyone.

When a group of people really unite, when every person connects with others, then this force of unity, the upper force is literally born among them. It settles between them and acquires a place, its own existence. This is how the common unified force of the group, which supports every friend, becomes expressed.

In Kabbalah, we refer to this as “union.” This refers to the single force concealed in nature, which manifests inside our unity. We can call it “the Creator” or not, but one way or another, it is an actual force of nature, which we perceive and work with.

It comes and works with me according to certain laws. I reveal it as I become closer to it, and when I reveal it, I begin to perceive and influence it through my changing qualities. The “Creator” is a fixed law, and when I know how to influence it according to the structure of HaVaYaH, I can do so without any problems, just like I influence any other force.

The only difference is that this is a collective, universal force. And that is why it is concealed. It’s because we are not united yet. That is why we are unable to attain it. It is revealed inside unity, but we have never yet felt anything like this. As we unite with one another, we literally extract nature’s fundamental, single force from nature itself, while everything else unravels, derives, and becomes created from it.

To me the Creator is this force, because everything came from it. Moreover, the “Creator” (Bore) means: “come and see” (Bo-Re). I connect to Him and then I see Him and reveal Him in action, in all my sensations.

Naturally, right now these explanations languish. They do not manifest in feelings, but if only we unite, you will reveal Him inside that unity. The formula is very simple.

The revelation of the Creator is divided into 125 degrees in accordance with the centrifugal force of our egoism and alienation. This alienation force is divided into five large degrees, and each is divided into another five degrees, and these also divide into five degrees. This totals 125 degrees of mutual rejection. But when I come closer, when I turn this rejection into unity, I reveal the Creator as I ascend the 125 degrees until I reach absolute unification – complete, absolute revelation of the force of unity.

“God” (אלה-ים) and “nature” (הטבע) have the same meaning according to Gematria. There is no mysticism. Come (Bo) and see (Re) – is the Creator (Bore).

I say the same when speaking to different activists at various forums, especially abroad. It’s just that sometimes I use different words to say it.
From the 3rd lesson at the Dead Sea Convention on 2/25/11

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