The World Is Round

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion from Japan: What are the reasons for the disaster that is happening to us? According to the forecasts there are more quakes ahead for us. Can all of us prevent these events here and in the whole world?

Answer: In order to answer this question we must first understand where we are. We are in a “round” world. This is what the science of Kabbalah explains to us in its section on “perception of reality.”

Let’s not wait for painful proofs of this fact to become expressed in our world. By way of painful experience we are discovering that we are all interconnected, that the world is global and integral in which there is a butterfly effect, and so on. Let’s not have to learn the lessons from disasters that will constantly occur in order to convince us of this. Let’s instead learn from the science of Kabbalah.

By the time our life experience starts working, it may be too late. How many more tsunamis, earthquakes, and other disasters have to happen for us to get smarter? Let’s instead turn to science and wisdom. It is written, “The one who learns is wise.” So what does the wise person learn?

We know from the science of Kabbalah that all of reality is felt inside of us because it is inside of us. My perception divides into five levels. Three of the levels are my inner sensations: root, soul, and body. They “clothe” into me from inside. Besides this, there are external details of perception which I perceive on the outside, outside of me: clothing and castle. This is the entire world outside of me. Clothing is everything inside the area that my body or senses can reach, while castle are the far away, unattainable things, or in other words, the things not subject to my control.

That is how reality is divided. Its inner part is called Galgalta ve Eynaim while the external part is called AHP. This division was caused by the spiritual destruction, which is the reason why we only slightly feel the Galgalta ve Eynaim inside of us and have no sensation at all that AHP is also part of us. That is how we will divide our reality until the very end of correction when Galgalta ve Eynaim will unite with AHP into the whole ten Sefirot.

From here we must draw the following conclusion: We feel everything inside of our Kelim. These may be a tsunami, the earth, or the universe with all its stars and galaxies. Everything is inside of me, in my egoistic desire. That is how my desire is built so in it I perceive reality divided in two: “me” and “outside of me.” “Me” is Galgalta ve Eynaim, the root, soul, and body, while “outside of me” is AHP, clothing and castle, the two external categories of perception.

Various changes take place in my inner and outer Kelim. Looking at natural disasters, it is very difficult to understand why these painful events are taking place in the external Kelim rather than the inner Kelim. Why do these changes influence a specific part of my soul today, called “the Japanese people”? Why did the catastrophe befall them of all people?

My soul also includes others parts which I perceive as my friends. In reality, they do not exist by themselves, but as parts of me in my eyes. It will be so until I complete my perception and then everything will unite into one whole, into a single desire, welded and entirely aimed at bestowal. This is the corrected form.

Without viewing reality from these positions, we will never be able to correctly perceive what is happening, including wars, catastrophes, corruption, or anything else. We will never be able to justify the Creator or understand how everything is moving in the direction of correction.

However, we won’t be able to manage without having the right perspective of things, without having a picture of the “round” world that is inside a person and depends on his correction. There is nothing outside of me. Everything is me. This is my earth, my earthquake, my Japan, my Libya, my Israel, my planet, and my universe. And all of it reflects my qualities, which are not corrected yet.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/13/11

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