Kabbalah Convention Is The Most Powerful Accelerator Of Growth

Dr. Michael LaitmanHumanity’s evolution demonstrates that development is a gradual and multifaceted process. It follows a specific program and direction where each element joins the general process, is “deposited” in the collective account, and thereby changes gradually accumulate.

Our internal transformation takes place in a similar manner. And even though we yearn to complete it as quickly as possible, it still takes time and requires multiple actions: We move one step ahead and one step backward, undergo ascents and descents. But transformation doesn’t occur in an instant; it is an entire process of accumulated changes where each “penny” is added into one account. And that is why it takes years.

The most effective remedy for correction is work aimed at unification. Therefore, Kabbalists place an immediate condition on a person whom the upper force brings to the group: He has to decide that the most important job is to connect with the group and unite with the others, while the studies are only the means for our unification.

In other words, it is totally contrary to what we think when we enter the group. We initially think that the group is just a place where we can study, as at a university, in order to gain knowledge. But it is the other way around, and years go by before a person starts to gradually understand that the key is not to receive knowledge, but to change one’s inner properties. By studying with the group, he receives a special, reforming force and experiences its influence specifically in his relations with the group.

Authentic results of advancement are evaluated by how much closer to or further away from the group a person feels, to what degree he needs, is able to bond with, and what value he assigns to it. Everything is measured solely relative to the group because in the end, it is they whom he must unify with in order to experience the spiritual world within their correct connection, by uniting as one man with one heart.

Around him, there aren’t just fellow students; they become parts of his soul. In fact, there is no soul within man, and scientists are wasting their time seeking it somewhere inside the body. The human soul resides in all the others. To the extent that one is able to step out of oneself and unite with the friends surrounding him, to this extent all of this “external” desire becomes his soul.

This is why we place so much importance on our conventions and similar activities, when a great number of people from around the world get together and a powerful force of oneness emerges. During each hour of the convention, we are in fact performing corrections—specifically in our mutual unification.

So, we should value such gatherings as the most important means of advancement, among all others. Nothing is more effective in terms of bringing each of us and all of us together closer to transformation and revelation of the upper world than the convention.

Even during the convention, not everything occurs at once, but “penny by penny, it is accumulated into a big sum.” It is necessary to undergo several such meetings, until we uncover the true connection between us and the upper Light becomes revealed in our unification, which is regarded as the revelation of the Creator to the created beings.

Hence, before physically going to such gathering, a person needs to prepare himself or herself mentally. One needs to attune himself so as to be ready to enter this place: get familiarized with all upcoming activities, study materials, songs, themes for discussion, and to generally learn about the convention as much as possible. Later on, it will be easier for us to focus on our internal experiences and not get distracted, not waste emotional and mental forces on the external, technical details.

So, we should get familiarized with all the materials and the entire schedule in advance and come there with a single desire: “I wish to unite with the others with all my heart and soul because the spiritual world will be revealed only in the connection between us, and not in each of us individually. I want this empty cosmos between us to be filled with warm and kind attitude toward each other since it is precisely the place where the upper force, the Creator, is revealed to the created being!”
From the Lesson on Inner Preparation for the WE! Convention 3/10/2011

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