Crossing The Machsom Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we cross the Machsom during the forthcoming convention?

Answer: It is what we all expect and desire to do together! The “Machsom” is the barrier between this world and the spiritual one, that is, the replacement of the egoistic intention in man with the intention to bestow. The gap between them, the border line, the impenetrable divider, is regarded as the “Machsom” (a barrier, a roadway bar).

We all live in a unique time. Until our generation, everybody passed this barrier, the “Machsom,” individually, accumulating one’s internal efforts until a sufficient measure was collected, the “cup overflowed,” and a new state suddenly became revealed for a person.

Today we exist in a global world unfolding before us more and more. And our Kabbalistic group is not just a few people, as it used to be in the distant past when only ten Kabbalists would gather together; now, we have millions of friends around the world.

Therefore, I think we live in a new epoch when crossing the Machsom becomes as it is described in the Torah: “by the entire nation,” or en masse. I expect that revelation will occur to the whole world group or at least to some part of it that remains in constant connection with us in studies and work. That is, it will not be just a few individuals selected from the crowd, but all of us together.

After all, the process of correction has reached such advanced stages that Kabbalah has come out of concealment and become open to all. It must bring transformation not just to some small isolated group as it used to be time ago, but to a large-scale world group like ours.
From the Lesson on Inner Preparation for the WE! Convention 3/10/2011

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  1. Thank you Rav for sharing with us what you Rav passed onto you. Thank you friends for all your efforts to unite as one. WE!

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