The Soul Will Teach A Person

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the corporeal world, our perception of beauty constantly changes, and we are forced to follow the opinion of the majority. After all, we live in a human society and respect its values whether we like it or not. This is our nature. At the end, every person will esteem the things that the majority in his environment respects.

We do not even realize how unreasonable these values are. So frequently fashions change in education, culture, the industrial sector, creativity, and even food. We see them come and go, without any actual value. Everything beyond the limits of our animate existence that the body requires (simple shelter, family, and food) has value in our eyes only because the society appreciates it.

But spirituality is different because nobody is dragging us there. We need to build our own society and awaken it ourselves so it would pull us after it and through it, to spirituality. In other words, we are given free will in the spiritual development, and no one will force us there!

Of course, the Creator stimulates us: He arranges a hard life for us in this world and deprives us of fulfillment. But on the other hand, life is no longer as difficult as it was in the past, and we are not starving. Yet, we feel an inner emptiness that pushes us to develop. And when we discover this emptiness and start thinking about the purpose, the meaning, and the secret of life, but are unable to answer these questions, we realize that no one can tell or explain it to us, nobody pulls us after them.

We look around and fail to see any examples. We receive examples in everything else in life: the choice of a profession, the style of our home, the kind of things to buy, what to do, who to be like. The human society gives us examples of everything. And only spirituality remains without examples, as if you existed in an empty vacuum, and every day, even every moment you are faced with the questions: what to do, where to go, where to get examples of spiritual values and purpose?

This is a big problem. But on the other hand, this is a consequence of the freedom given to us! This is because when a person enters spirituality, he builds his own soul. Nobody teaches him. There are many advices and books, but all of them are merely general explanations around this topic, which only support us a little.

Ultimately, everything depends on the person himself. He needs to build his own environment which would provide him with the spiritual values and direction and be just as sound as the environment in our world with all its examples. Without this, he naturally would not know how to advance.

This is the main difference between the spiritual and the corporeal advancement.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/4/2011, Writings of Rabash

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Everyone Can Reveal The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanEveryone Can Reveal the Creator In Our Time

In previous times, revelation of the Creator was impossible without the prior study of the seven external sciences and severe asceticism. Yet despite it all, only a few found mercy in the Creator’s eyes [revealed Him].

However, after we merited the teaching of the Ari and the spiritual work according to the system of Baal Shem Tov, it is truly suitable for every person, and people no longer need the aforementioned preparation.
– Baal HaSulam, Fruit of the Wise, Letters, Letter 38, 1927

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2011 Is The Time Of Ascent

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the process of gradual descent from the world of Infinity, the vessels (Kelim) receive the Lights. On the way downward, there lie the worlds of Adam Kadmon, Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya.

Their ladder is a gradually decreasing reception of the Light for the sake of the Creator. In the world of Adam Kadmon, there is a big Light of Yechida; in the world of Aztilut, the Light of Haya; in the world of Beria, the Light of Neshama; in the world of Yetzira, the Light of Ruach; and in the world of Assiya, the Light of Nefesh.

In the end, all the Lights in all of the vessels expire, and we find ourselves at the bottom, in the state of “this world.” There are neither Lights nor vessels in it, but only a life force, a material desire. Over the course of the entire descent, the screen kept reducing from 100% to a zero. As a result, we don’t have the force of resistance or a thought of bestowal, nothing. We reside in the material world, that is, in the egoistic desire.

2011 Is The Time Of Ascent -1
And at this point, we must evolve to the condition when we will desire to go back to the world of Infinity: starting from zero, from below upward, to climb the five worlds that we descended through. By doing so we essentially realize the purpose of creation.

Thus, having fallen to this world, we existed in it over the course of history until we reached the year 2011, the beginning of ascent. From here on, all souls are beginning to rise upward. The path from Above downward and from below upward extends over 125 degrees since each of the five worlds consists of five Partzufim that each contains five Sefirot.

Basically, everything is preset and premeasured in the universe; everything is purposeful. We only need to disclose our next state of existence, time after time, and carefully step into it: everybody in his or her individual manner. Everything is prearranged, and in the world of Infinity (Ein Sof), we come to our final, perfect state of being.

Before we descended from there, we existed in state 1, and then through the broken and confused state 2, we return to Infinity, state 3. What do we “earn” thereby? We earn autonomy. After all, it is we who walk this path to Infinity, we who act, and we who attain the Creator’s creation and actions. Gaining awareness of who He is, we become like Him and understand how to act without Him. We learn, as a child does, until we reach a rung at which we are able to work instead of the Creator in all of reality, in all creation.

The Creator is only a force, but it is we who set it in motion. And this is why in the third state, there are only the Creator and the created being, equal and similar in all. That is what we earn. This is the goal the Creator placed before us so that we, the created beings, may become equal to Him.


From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/4/2011, “Explanation to the Article, Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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A Trip Around The World With The Book Of Zohar

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we bring our inner movements to match the text of The Book of Zohar?

Answer: Relative to other Kabbalistic sources, this is actually easy to do with The Zohar because the speed and reading of the text are such that all you have to do is feel out how to “flow” together with it. But this does not mean that you are hearing its sound like the noise of a river that flows by.

“Flowing together with it” means that you are trying very calmly, as it is written, “The words of the sages are heard in calmness.” You are going together with the authors of The Zohar without any resistance, arranging your inner motions to suit the sound of the words. If you missed a few words and did not hear them, don’t worry and keep going with the following words. Thus, you continue with the flow like a wooden chip on waves, repeating all of the nuances of the water.

That is how we should enable our qualities, desires, and sensations to flow together with the text of The Zohar as if on the water’s surface, trying to suit this flow, trying to find where these qualities and desires The Zohar describes are inside of us. But we should look for them very simply and easily. The most important thing is to let this flow pass through you. After all, we are just a vessel or Kli through which this entire flow of words has to enter us.

When reading The Zohar, we do not try to activate the mind or discern the inner definitions. Even in places where The Zohar seems to use technical, scientific terms, using the language of Kabbalah, we should also try to let this text pass through the sensations rather than the mind, meaning to try to listen to our own feelings and impressions, trying to feel how every word echoes inside us regardless of the language that The Zohar uses.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/9/11, The Zohar

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Wake Up The Men!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should women support the unification among the men?

Answer: This is a very powerful and important action from the women’s end. They can motivate the men to advance spiritually, to unite, to study, and to disseminate.

In the same way, in the spiritual world, Zeir Anpin starts moving and acting only when Malchut, the female part, motivates him to do so by raising MAN to him and demanding correction.

A man will not awaken without a woman and her desire—both at home and in the group. Therefore, the female part has to wake up and awaken the male part because otherwise the men won’t attain the goal.

We turn to all the women of the world Kli, asking them to unite together and put pressure on the men in different ways. Then the men will feel that they have to advance and that they cannot calm down.
From the talk on women on 3/8/11

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This Unbearable Life Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that a married couple has to “play” at being a corrected family. But what should they do if the evil is revealed between the spouses constantly, if they fight often, don’t respect one another, and don’t understand one another?

Answer: Unfortunately, none of us received the necessary upbringing and we weren’t prepared for family life. We have to raise a man and a woman in a way that teaches them to establish the right interconnection with one another and with their children.

This is the problem of egoistic development: Each person thinks that he knows what to do. No one prepares a person for life. Instead of educating a person, we barely teach him some kind of profession. That is why the modern crisis is so deep.

The crisis of families has become unbearable. The whole world is being immersed in universal, total despair from the attempts of families to live together. And while this is happening we do not admit that the family unit is the foundation of all of life. Without it, life will not go on.

Man will have to search for the answer, and the answer is: “Husband and wife, and the Shechina between them.” We have to understand that egoistic development has brought us to a dead-end: We cannot stand each other anymore. Only the importance of the goal can help us, and we can attain that goal only if we have the corrected family which gives their children the right upbringing. Only on this condition do we acquire similarity to nature or the Creator. Then we reveal Him, unite with Him, and attain eternal life on the spiritual level.

Only the spiritual goal will obligate a person to create the right family, to have children and the right relationships between the spouses.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/8/11 on Women

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A Calculation That Makes Me A Human

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order for the property of the Light to penetrate desire, a special process of descent takes place. First of all, desire is imparted with a sensation that it is opposite to the Light. As a result, it cannot bear itself and performs a restriction (Tzimzum).

Afterwards, desire concludes: “I need a screen (Masach).” In other words, it needs a chance to equalize itself with the Light by performing an autonomous act. This means that it will indeed be detached from the Creator and face Him as the guest before the host. Even though the guest receives nothing from the host, he still feels that he is opposite and suffers from it.

I don’t need the feast that the host has prepared for me; I reject it. But the host still keeps asking me to taste from his table and laments my not accepting his gifts. Seeing that, I do accept them, being fully aware that I am doing it solely to delight him.

Thus, being opposite, the Light and the creature are detached from each other. The Light wishes to fulfill the creature (1), whereas the creature pushes it away (2). But eventually, when the Light returns and “begs” (3), the creature, as if doing a favor, agrees to receive from it (4). This reception is regarded as bestowal. Thereby, their relationship develops.

This is the development by way of the screen. The creature presents itself as a place of desire, but this desire is covered by the screen. It is as though desire installs a “divider” atop and decides: No matter how much Light comes in (1), the first thing I will do is push it back (2). But the Light still pressures me (3), so in that case I calculate (?) how much of it I am able to receive. I let the right amount in and receive it as a “treat” (4).

The calculation becomes an additional factor: How much am I able to receive in order to bestow to the host as much pleasure as he wants to give me? And this calculation makes me a human (Adam) since thereby, I claim my autonomy in complete detachment from the host and act as he does. He gives to me, and I to him. Or, as it is described in the Song of Songs: “I am for my Beloved as my Beloved is for me.”

Acting this way, the created being arrives at a corrected state, and this kind of reception makes it a spiritual vessel. Why a “vessel”? Because it can receive the Light. Why “spiritual”? Because it is equal to the Creator and bestows like He does.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/4/2011, “Explanation to the Article, Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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The Light In The Vessel: Not Only Fulfillment But Permeation

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator created desire which was “round” (meaning that initially it didn’t have any details of perception) and filled it with the Light. With His force, the force of the Light, He created desire’s reality and filled it with the same very Light.

Thus, there are only two elements in the universe: desire and the Light, the vessel (Kli) and what fills it. The Light is regarded as “the Creator,” whereas desire is regarded as “the creature.” Only they exist in the world of Infinity. As to a “world” in spirituality, it is a state of being and not a picture that we are accustomed to seeing in our world.

So, the initial state of desire and the Light is called “the world of Infinity” since there are no boundaries or restrictions. Desire has as much Light as it desires. All desire’s components are fulfilled.

What is missing here? Desire is created but isn’t conscious of it. It exists because the Light is sustaining it. In order for desire to evolve and feel what it is, what it has, and what it was created for, it is necessary to insert a certain additional component into it. This is because as long as it is locked in itself, desire lacks self-awareness and knowledge of its own existence.

In order to perceive itself, desire has to look at itself from aside, observe itself, and reflect on its existence. Undeveloped mammals and humans do not possess such characteristics. Only having evolved, does man start asking himself: “Who and what am I? What am I for? What is the essence of this life?” He or she is interested not in self-fulfillment but in the meaning of life and strives to look outside of his or her existence.

In order to give desire this opportunity and capacity, the Light must enter it and impart it with its own properties. In that case, the properties of both desire and the Light will co-exist in it, and on the contrast between them, it will start asking itself: “Where did I come from? Why do I exist? Where am I going?”

However, if the additional property doesn’t surface in desire, it will not start pondering over anything and will care only about its natural need: to stay fulfilled and whole. Similarly, the representatives of the still, vegetative, and animate degrees strive to fill and preserve themselves in the best possible form.

This is why the Creator must penetrate desire and permeate it with Himself, to give it the form of the Light.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/4/2011, “Explanation to the Article, Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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A Society That Helps Start A Spiritual Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanSociety is the foundation for spiritual advancement. And just like the people who ran from Jerusalem during the time of the Second Temple as they saw spirituality collapse and wanted to form a small society to hold on to the spiritual connection between them, the Upper Force, and hid in the vicinity of the Dead Sea; we also want to form a society like that.

For now, it may not be very big: “only” some hundred thousand people, which is not much compared to the entire humanity that now must awaken and connect. But we have to believe Kabbalists who say that we are always given enough strength, both in quantity and quality, and if we mobilize it according to our abilities and given conditions, we will be able to reveal the upper force.

Once we connect, that spark will ignite between us and distribute the upper Light throughout our entire system. This Light will fill us, and we will find ourselves in the spiritual world.

Our primary task is to form a society, a place for the Light to be revealed. The proper society is called “Shechina,” the place where the Light (Shochen) reigns. There are certain laws for the existence of this society. The Creator is the giver, Shochen, we are His Shechina, and we need to prepare our desire for Him to be revealed in us.

The upper Light cannot be revealed in one person; there have to be at least two. But two are not enough either because different egoistic problems immediately arise between them. This is why the bigger the society the easier it is for the person.

On one hand, if the society is very strong, it will be easier for the person since he will not need to invest so much into it. And on the other hand, he will receive inspiration from the others who are preparing a place for him among them, where he could enter. He will only need to cancel himself before the society, and this will be enough.

He will literally grow like an infant in its mother’s arms or an embryo in the mother’s womb. This society will become his refuge, the “Noah’s Ark,” his mother’s womb, from where he will draw all the forces to begin his spiritual life. Thereby he will advance.

And even though our group is not that big compared to the nation of Israel or the entire world, our possibilities are enormous! We can raise the entire mankind within us!

Every one of us can receive the upper Light only if he becomes a part of the mother’s womb (“Rechem” or “womb” comes from the word “Rachamim” or “mercy,” bestowal). Otherwise, he will remain “sealed” for the Light, and he will only be able to perceive this world.

By not continuing the flow of the Light and passing it onto others, I block my path and prevent the Light from going through me. Then I will only perceive its tiny glow that paints this world to me.
From Lesson 2 Metzoke Dragot Congress 2/25/2011

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