Wake Up The Men!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should women support the unification among the men?

Answer: This is a very powerful and important action from the women’s end. They can motivate the men to advance spiritually, to unite, to study, and to disseminate.

In the same way, in the spiritual world, Zeir Anpin starts moving and acting only when Malchut, the female part, motivates him to do so by raising MAN to him and demanding correction.

A man will not awaken without a woman and her desire—both at home and in the group. Therefore, the female part has to wake up and awaken the male part because otherwise the men won’t attain the goal.

We turn to all the women of the world Kli, asking them to unite together and put pressure on the men in different ways. Then the men will feel that they have to advance and that they cannot calm down.
From the talk on women on 3/8/11

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