The Zohar Opens The World For Us

clip_image001It seems to us that The Zohar talks about the same thing over and over – the three lines. But that is only because the evil inclination is afraid of the three lines. As a matter of fact, the three lines express the principle of connection between all the parts, all the details in reality. However, this union occurs in different forms on billions of levels. Therefore, The Zohar presents this through various descriptions which awaken different forms of connection within you. All this is done in order to attune them to yourself, check, and organize them within you.

In reality, there is nothing except the desire to receive and the intention for the sake of bestowal. However, a new story appears each time because there is an infinite number of different unions. We simply are unable to feel a new mood, experience a different taste, a different connection, or a new revelation each time.

When we begin to feel every action that The Zohar tells us about, then we will understand that it instructs us to check a particular union, a particular action, then another one, and so on. It reveals new connections to us continuously, thereby opening the world for us.

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  1. Will there be a book of The Zohar for sale at the next North American Congress in April I think.

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