The Most Essential Necessity Of Life

essential Faith above reason is the new system of relationships that we have to establish in the world, because without it we could never build the connection between us necessary for our survival. The new state of humanity that is being revealed today is not just a discovery that the world is global and integral, but also a realization that we have to get to know the Upper Force (the Creator). He has to be the governing force among us that will connect us all with each other and with all the levels of reality (still, vegetative, animate, and human).

When this force fills the space between us, we will be able to save ourselves. Otherwise, we will never be able to do it. Even in the face of death, we won’t be able to connect with each other in the way that Nature demands from us. Through the crisis, the Creator shows us that He is not among us; this is also called “the breaking of the common soul.”

We have to discover that the only thing we need is the Creator, the Force that will be revealed to fill the vacuum between us and connect all parts of the universe in the right way. This Upper Force is the most essential necessity of absolutely everyone’s life. Everyone will realize that without it, we simply won’t be able to survive.

In the same manner we are now becoming aware that we have to connect with each other and feel others as ourselves. Otherwise we destroy nature and harm ourselves by harming others, because we are all connected.

This is the realization that Kabbalah wants to reveal and elucidate to all so that people can reach it easier and quicker.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    I’m a reader of your blog few months. Most of the time I read your writings as a Kabbalist-hype. But my own goal is very similar.

    I have just completed book (in Finnish language) in a this question: “When this force fills the space between us, we will be able to save ourselves.”

    Namely what is the force? It has physical background? What do physicists and biochemists says about it? What about it string-theorists, bio-genetic researchers, and experimental parapsychologists as Rupert Sheldrake? Is science at a level to even meet a question?

    At least it is clear that we have lack of explanation in visible light. There must be medium for light waves, even cosmic coherent network of strings, or something like that. In this network there could be other kind of interactions, which are not electro-magnetics, as gravitation, effective to biological life but not measurable. This is my supposition. And my essays are about that.

    But well, where do you see the border between Kabbalah and present day science? If we talk about “forces” and “energies”, we must be aware of their physical ground or just better use other metaphors (if words meant to be metaphors).

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