The Light Affects Us No Matter What State We Are In

the-machsom-is-the-same-everywhere-even-in-japanTwo questions I received about beginning Kabbalah study:

Question: Do we need to have the point in the heart before we can begin to correct ourselves and our relationships with others?

My Answer: No. You can begin in any state.

Question: I have a group of five to six people who do not have Internet, and so I am giving them Kabbalah lessons in Spanish with recorded lessons of the ARI Learning Center in my computer. I am giving them the first 15 lessons. Is this OK and can I give them the virtual lessons I took before or the new one starting in January?

My Answer: It does not matter. Let them listen to any lessons, even those intended for very advanced students. The Light always works and its effect does not depend on understanding. It’s more important to pay attention to the teacher.

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  1. Dear Rav,
    I have a question about the Zohar.

    What characteristics of the property of “Truth” could make it be near the spiritual impure forces?

    Thank You

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