Don’t Let Your Greatest Desire Go Unfulfilled

greatest A question I received: In one of the Shamati articles it says that when a person truly screams from the bottom of his heart, the Creator hears his prayer. What does this mean?

My Answer: The Creator created only one thing: desire. All of matter, including rocks, trees, animals, people, and stars, is all the different levels of the desire to exist.

  • The inanimate level preserves its structure or qualities;
  • The vegetative level, besides self-preservation, desires to develop, absorb beneficial substances, and excrete the harmful ones
  • On the animate level, the desire demands to be satisfied, to advance, and to give birth to offspring;
  • A human being starts out his development like an animal (and in fact, every level of desire starts developing from the first level – everything comes from the “dust” and returns to it). However, after developing as an animal, a human being starts to feel cramped in the animate state, within the bounds of this world. Then a new desire emerges that summons him to come out of its boundaries.

This new desire becomes the central point, the main desire among the others. Our task is to reveal this desire further and magnify it using the right environment. We have to find out how to fulfill this desire, pinpoint that it is precious – a point in the heart, and then aim it toward the right prayer.

To “pray” means to make this desire most important of all. Then it will influence the Upper System, the Creator, and will receive a response. All the problems of our spiritual growth come from the fact that this growth occurs only under the influence of our desire. Therefore, one has to perform an analysis of what his heart really wants, and direct the most important desire in one’s heart toward the Creator, Bina, the system of one’s spiritual growth.

However, a reaction or response comes only if my desire corresponds to the system’s desire, based on the principle, “Make your desire like His desire in order to make yourself like Him.”

True prayer comes from the bottom of one’s heart, from the most important desire. Each of us has thousands of desires, and this is our problem. We disperse and scatter our efforts on many different goals, and as a result, we do not achieve the most important thing in life. Therefore, our life goes by, but the most important element in it is missing.

We have to focus all our desires on realizing one, most important desire. Let everything else serve it, bring it into focus, and strengthen it. This will in fact be the prayer – the real desire of the heart.

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  1. Excellent post, exactly what I needed to hear.

    I hope my prayer is answered, if not, so be it. As you say, whatever happens is written in our destiny.

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