Our Spiritual Birth Is Up To Us

uptous We came into this world thanks to our parents. But many of our qualities were determined and instilled in us even before we were born. We inherited them from our former states or reincarnations, which we lived through in this world.

As we develop, we accept everything that happens as self-evident. First a person simply perceives himself and the world in which he exists; then come words, cognition, and understanding. Everything unfolds slowly and naturally, and we do not realize how peculiar and unnatural this process really is.

But we deem the entrance into the Upper World as unnatural, even though we reveal it in the same exact manner as we have revealed this world for ourselves! First we receive a desire to be born in the Upper World – “the seed of spiritual semen” (the point in the heart – the embryo of the soul). Then we are led to a place where we can develop our point; this place is called the womb in our world, or a group in the spiritual world.

We are not speaking about people that we encounter and who are our companions, but rather, we are talking about other aspirations to the Creator, similar to my own. By correctly building my attitude to them, I provide myself with the right environment for spiritual growth.

When a person is born into our world, his development occurs forcefully. No one asks for our consent and we are filled with knowledge, impressions, examples of behavior, and definitions of “what is good” and “what is bad” without any freedom of will whatsoever. However, in our spiritual development, the spiritual force that develops us, called “Father and Mother” (Aba ve Ima of the World of Atzilut), requires us to make an independent decision to develop spiritually. We have to decide how to do this, what future state we desire, and what goal we want to reach.

We are required to use our freedom of will, to understand and realize what we are doing and where we are heading. The stages of spiritual growth and formation are similar to physical development, but they are activated by our desire. This is the difference.

Therefore, in our world we are slaves (like animals), whereas in the spiritual world we are free creatures (people, Adam, meaning similar to the Creator). I create the “motherly womb” around me on my own. This is the group in which I become absorbed like a drop of semen. I receive from it everything I need in order to develop, including nourishment, strength, understanding, and examples.

When the desires of the group become my own and I am ready to outgrow them, then I am born into the Light. Thus, I advance from Aviut 0 to Aviut 1 and become a spiritual embryo. From now on, I can use the force of the Creator to form myself. I proceed to apply my own effort on the path, and gradually I begin to understand how the Creator raises me. With time, I become grown-up and wise like Him, based on the principle, “I will know You from Your actions (by becoming like You).” This is how a person becomes equivalent to the Creator.

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