The Zohar: A Spiritual Drug

escalator.jpg A question I received: What should we do in preparation for the next lesson on The Book of Zohar to make sure we won’t miss anything?

My Answer: Stay connected with what we discussed in today’s lesson; think of it all the time.

The Zohar is a window to the spiritual world; it is a world that is waiting for you and inviting you to reveal it. If you stray from the path leading to it, you will have to find that path all over again and will waste your time and energy.

That’s why you have to try to maintain the impressions from the lessons. Besides, The Book of Zohar pulls anyone studying it into itself.

Those who work on The Zohar at our center know that it draws you in and doesn’t allow you to pull away. It works like a drug: You feel bad if you move too far away from it. That’s how it works.

By simply reading The Book of Zohar and searching for what is written within yourself, by attempting to identify with its spiritual images and constructing the Upper World out of those images, you start to feel a pleasure that develops into a deeply felt need. It engages you. Reading The Book of Zohar creates a certain palette of impressions, a cloud of sensations that don’t look like clear images at first, but are felt as inspirations and impressions rather than knowledge. Later on, however, you start sensing and understanding the position of the right and left lines and how they both combine into the middle line. And you then begin to sense whether this makes you feel good or bad.

Gradually this sensation starts to interlace with the text you read; it begins to appeal to your intellect and the image of the world you construct. The same thing actually happens in our world: Even when I speak of something totally abstract, I check what I’m saying against my desires, since I don’t have anything besides them. Everything happens inside our desires.

Therefore, the impressions we get from reading The Book of Zohar must be sensory. I have to demand that the stream flowing from it will enter directly into my senses. Then my intellect will follow. When all the sensations I receive from The Zohar come to order and I begin to see connections between them, I will start to understand and analyze the correlations between them. We will all have to attain this in the near future.

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