A Kabbalist Creates Worlds When He Speaks

balanceWhen a Kabbalist speaks, he creates worlds, since speech is the outer expression of our inner attainment. This explains why our level as human beings is called the “speaking” level. As correction happens at this level of desire we begin to attain properties of the Creator. This kind of attainment cannot happen at the “inanimate,” “vegetative” and “animate” levels of desire in the spiritual world.

Only after we attain the ability to “speak” can a soul connect and bond with the Creator. That’s why when a Kabbalist speaks he builds the worlds; he constructs links between all desires, properties and intentions. My 613 desires tie me to 613 Correcting Lights that fill my corrected vessels. This is how I sense unity with the Creator.

All this happens at the final “speaking” level where we gain the ability to correct ourselves. Only at this stage can the creation feel opposite to the Creator and only at this level can the creation attain similar properties to the Creator. This level is called “Adam” (from the word “adome” meaning similar).

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