The “Shocking” Truth From Rabash

rabash_small Rabash has prepared a “shock” for our time. Gradually he has uncovered that the most important thing for a human being is his essence and his attitude towards life. Gradually he has disclosed that everything depends on the desires of our heart and our relationship to the truth.

These concepts are in opposition to the routine practices of religious traditions and blind obedience to the commandments, which is typically the behavior of many religious people. We must separate our habitual behavior imposed by our upbringing (“Girsa de-Yakuta”) which makes us feel guilty if we don’t follow our regular routine and that of real prayer, which is a cordial, genuine and conscious call to the Creator for correction.

Judging people by their clothes or their actions does not lead us to an understanding of which person is closer to the Creator. Is it someone who senses emptiness in his life, or someone who seems to have all the answers and wears the clothes (way of life) of someone who is close to the Creator?

The Creator demands that we make corrections in our hearts. That doesn’t mean that we have to neglect any religious traditions, but the distance between a human being and the Creator is measured by the intensity of our aspiration to attain properties similar to His.

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