A Spiritual Ladder Anyone Can Climb

Einstein on Religion It’s important to understand what a tremendous job Baal HaSulam did when he revealed the wisdom of Kabbalah. If he hadn’t done it, it would be impossible for the masses to attain spirituality.

Common people who do not possess extraordinary souls, as chosen Kabbalists do, would not be able to advance were it not for the methodology discovered by Baal HaSulam. This methodology connects the lower branches of our world with the roots of the spiritual world, the last step of the ladder with the first step of a higher level. Moreover, he actually teaches us how to grab hold of the next step.

When a person enters spirituality and starts climbing the ladder, his soul begins to guide him. But what should a person without a soul do? What if a person still doesn’t have the desire to bestow which connects him to the higher level? How can he proceed?

For that, Baal HaSulam wrote his commentary, which serves as a tool to connect branches with roots, the material with the spiritual. He explains how our current state (the lowest step) is interlaced with the higher root of the spiritual world.

He provides explanations from the point of view of philosophy as well as psychology and other sciences, and speaks to us through the languages of Tanach (the Bible), Talmud, and Hagaddah (tales); but mainly he gives clarifications by using the language of Kabbalah. Essentially he combines all the possible ways of explaining the spiritual world which we are capable of understanding. He uses all four levels of our desires in the material world to build a portrait of ourselves and our world. Thus, he connects everything into a single methodology.

This is where the strength of a great Kabbalist lies. He “organizes” all the different levels of information presented by his predecessors about the structure of our universe, and thus eliminates confusion. Our studies are based on this systematic material about the degrees of the parallel spiritual worlds.

This is particularly evident in the “Sulam” Commentary to The Book of “Sulam” CommentaryZohar, which carries our attention away from clear concepts and brings it toward those that are unclear. But at the same time, it gives us the opportunity to connect both of them, thus allowing us to progress.

The commentary is a guide that leads us from reasonable, obvious examples towards understanding more complex concepts. That’s why Baal HaSulam named his commentary “The Ladder,” since it allows a person to adapt to higher steps of the ladder and make his way up.

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  1. I am grateful to the baal hashulam for all of his work to make it possible for mankind

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