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  1. In regards to the excellent analogy of the “G-20” and everyone getting their ‘desires’ met on the “This World” level: What it spoke to me is that the mind/nature that is ‘attached’ to ‘This World’ w/out having appropriated ‘The Point In The Heart’ is nothing more than a ‘refinement’ of the old/lesser nature. Going back to the foundation lessons; the attempt to refine the lower nature (human-ego nature) is not the answer. It takes a completely new nature and the development of the ‘new nature’. A number of years ago I visited Italy. While there visited and walked through one of the universities where people like; Marconi, Michelangelo and other famous intellectuals graced the streets. It was pointed out as I stood in one of the rooms (aka: cells) where the bed was made of either wood or cement…there was a peg in the wall where certain Monks would practice self-flagellation in order to become more spiritual. It is known as: “Opes Dei”. How ridiculous!– Attempting to refine the old nature is futile and entirely insane! It takes ‘The Point In The Heart’–a sincere dedication and actualization of the change of nature in acquiring the character/desire of the Creator–It is written: “The Creator loves a cheerful giver…” This is because ‘cheerful giving’ w/out ulterior motivations expresses the Creator’s original intention…this is ‘adhesion’ — ‘oneness’ whether it take place piece-meal or having arrived at the ultimate ‘source’–goal–‘experience’ with the Creator! Thank you for your teaching.

  2. This is one question which has confused me through out the course.who is the giver .giving or helping someone brings a natural happiness and satisfaction.Does this feeling of contentment takes away the essence of bestowment.Can you give an example of giving to others only without an involvement of ego?

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