Where Is The Turbulent Ocean Of The Future Taking Us?

We Cannot A question I received: What will happen in human society when people reach the minimal level of existence in spirituality, which is bestowal for the sake of bestowal? How will they begin to think about and feel each other? What will change in such a world?

My Answer: I believe that we can already see changes in the world now. The world crisis is beginning to force us to reject the overindulgence and it shows us that it is much more comfortable to be content with a middle class level of existence. The craving for excessive overindulgence is fading, as evidenced in young people over the past few dozen years.

Humanity is beginning to reveal more qualitative needs. Instead of gold they need honor, instead of honor – power, instead of power – the meaning of life, the realization of the fact that we can find satisfaction only in our connections with other human beings. Overindulgence doesn’t give us this satisfaction.

Life itself teaches people, and economic power will bring nothing but disappointment. People are seeing that all of this comes and goes. After all, mankind’s development throughout history is akin to swimming in some turbulent ocean of the future, where huge waves thrust some countries upward while throwing others into an abyss. Everything changes so quickly, countries rise and fall, similar to how for example, we are now witnessing the decline of America and the rise of China.

People see that power comes and goes and great civilizations collapse – Babylon was replaced by Persia, then by Greece, then by Rome. On its own this does not teach anyone anything, since people do not learn from the past. However, the desires (Reshimot) are renewed, and they develop us so that we come to demand new qualitative fulfillment and perceive new needs.


  1. I take this opportunity to thank Prof for posting quite a number of your teaching about Kabbala and also Ihave down most of your ebooks to know more on the philosophy of Kabbala. I found alot of truth in the philosophy. I appreciate if you continue post to me all the articles about Kabbala. Thank You.

  2. Deseo dar las gracias al equipo de comunicaciones de Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education por compartir las primeras lecciones de la sabiduría de la Cabalá. “Dice un consejo de los maestros antiguos que al hombre no hay que pescarle, sino enseñarle a pescar” eso mismo hace el maestro Laitman, transmitir la sabiduría antigua de la Cabalá para que el ser humano sea mejor cada vez.. No tengo poder ni dinero ni yates, pero me siento mejor cada mañana y amo más el prójimo. Gracias maestro Laitman…..Jorge Enrique.

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