The Light Can Remedy All Our Ills

lifeAll of human history shows that man’s entreaties to the Creator do not merit a clear response from Him. This raises a question: If the Creator exists at all, then can we communicate with Him in some way? Will this question remain a mystery forever, like UFOs and life on other planets, where we’re forever left in the dark as to the existence of other civilizations outside of earth, which may exist but not desire to be in contact with us?

In order to attain contact with the Creator, we have to establish a connection with the people who are already in contact with Him. We have to cleave to those who are connected with the Upper System. We will then be like a child who cleaves to an adult and thus receives everything the adult has. This is how we can advance toward spirituality.

If we want our thoughts and desires to be the same as those of the great Kabbalists (Baal HaSulam and Rabash), then we will be influenced by the same Light that fulfills them. This will remedy all our problems, including all the illness of our bodies and souls. The Light knows what has to be corrected and it arranges everything in the best possible way.

The truth is that we don’t know what is really good for us. We only have to desire to come closer to the Light, and It will do everything. Therefore, our entire work is to come as close as we can to what Kabbalists wrote. We should just cleave to them with our hearts.

That is how we can take one step forward after another. No matter what happens to us, despite all the problems, mistakes and confusion, we have to aspire to draw closer to the Light.

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