Never Let Go Of The Light

rockWhat is a person? He’s a mountain of egoism and hatred for everyone. However, when this mountain of hatred (Mount Sinai) is affected by the Light, a person rises to the top of the mountain.

It is precisely by virtue of having egoism that a person has something to ascend above. Later on, as he continues to be influenced by the Light, his egoism becomes fit for receiving pleasure, to be used for the sake of bestowal.

Everything is done by the Light. You can be the most righteous of all people, and you may have risen to a high spiritual degree, but if the Light stops influencing you, you will immediately fall into your primordial egoism. There is no other alternative, as we are either ruled by our egoistic nature, or by the Light.

This will never stop no matter what spiritual state you go through since you always have to hold on to the Light so that It will influence you. Never let go of It, because the minute you let go, you will fall.


  1. I must thank you for not letting me here without any light.The state I fall in will it be the same egoism I left by rising? I am asking this because the same situation keeps repeating in my life year after year in my same environment, no matter how hard I try: only the persons differ. And could it be that I started with the wrong `knowledge`about what the Creator-God is, since I came from the ex-communist Romania, and I don`t think I’m Jewish.Thank you for your passion to teach, and the hope that something can still be done.

  2. How does a person regain the Light if they have fallen back into “primordial egoism”?

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