Use Your Freedom Of Choice To Find Your Destiny

Memories of Past Lives Are Just Fantasies of This LifeA question I received: Why doesn’t the point in the heart awaken in all people? Why does one person feel it at 20, while another feels it at 50?

My Answer: This is not our business, and we shouldn’t think about it. We have no freedom of will in this regard – everything depends on the common system, the enormous system of souls that needs to advance.

This is like our bodies which consist of billions of little cells. Each cell needs to develop, and they are all connected to each other.

Therefore, each person depends on the other in their correction – first one advances, then another, or two of them advance together.

It is the same kind of system as that of an embryo developing in a mother’s womb, where the head, the arms, the legs, the ears, the nose, and so on, develop in a certain order.

This is a very complex system. So how can we begin to ask why we were awakened only now and not ten years ago, given that we have limited understanding of anything in our material lives, and even less in the spiritual?

Do you know what part of the soul you belong to, and what part you are destined to carry out?

If however, a person strives to understand, he begins to feel where he is being led. Our freedom of choice lies in figuring out what work is placed upon us and then doing that which is dependent on us.

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