Language Is A Program Of Human Connection

prophet A question I received: Why are there so many words in our world while there are none in the spiritual world?

My Answer: In our world, egoism separates us from each other and forces us to develop all kinds of egoistic connections above all the differences between us. That’s how languages are created.

Language is a program that gives us the ability to connect. It is much like the software program in a computer supplying the language that makes it possible to create connections between different parts of the operating system and memory. The computer by itself is an empty shell with a bunch of microchips, but the installed program describes how all the microchips and systems interact. Language is very much the same in that it’s just a program of connection between us.

All our development lies only in the development of our language, from the egoistic levels of still, vegetative, and animate to the “human” language of bestowal. That is all we do. All types of connections between us, such as culture, religion, education, trade, manufacturing, and all other types of connections created by society during humanity’s history, are reflective of the development of language, the connection between us.

Through language in its different forms, people are trying to egoistically compensate for the lack of altruistic connection between them, which disappeared after the breaking of the one Soul into a multitude of souls. All through our development, we have been aiming to create egoistic interconnections between us, in order to compensate for the lack of spiritual, altruistic connections.

Development of the Internet, mobile communications, trade and cultural exchange have brought us to global, egoistic connections. But the crisis caused by these connections is the crisis of incorrect connections between us, and that is why we now feel that there must be another type of connection, another language, which is one for all.  That language is one of bestowal and revelation of the Creator between us.

Each person has his own egoism, his own language, so people must now reveal that the time in which we are now living is a time when all the world languages will transform into a single language of mutual bestowal.

(From the Daily Lesson on the article “The Essence of the Science of Kabbalah”  10.26.09)

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