How To Get An Entry Pass Into The Spiritual World

riseA question I received: What should I do if I study Kabbalah using logic and reason?

My Answer: I also used to be this way until I understood that I will never attain anything in this science with my mind. I am the kind of person that loves to study, to understand, to take things apart and put them back together in my mind, and to get down to the essence of the problem. Whenever I would see people who were “lost in emotion,” I would just laugh at them.

However, it later turned out that my mind would not let me enter the spiritual world. Gradually, I came to understand that spirituality is the quality of bestowal, which requires me to change my feelings, desires and attitude. I never used to value human morality, always preferring dry reason and logic. I had a really hard time studying Kabbalah until I finally became completely disillusioned in the reasonable approach and understood that my “head” bears no relation to spirituality.

No matter how deep the studies are, they will never give you the entry pass into the spiritual world. It’s just impossible to understand spirituality with your mind. The path to the spiritual world runs through your feelings and desires, not the intellect. But I had spent my entire life working with my mind!

Until a person grows completely disillusioned in his convictions, he won’t be able to find the path to the concealed world. In addition, no one can intervene in a person’s spiritual development. Otherwise we will repeat the sad experiment of the “progressive” part of humanity, which forces its culture onto the “primitive” nations and thereby exterminates them.

It took me a long time to realize this. But on the bright side, once I did realize it, I was able to thrust the entire force of my mind, all the stubbornness of my common sense, all the intellect I had accumulated over the years – down upon the egoistic desire. And this really helped me, because it is precisely one’s desire that needs to change.

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