Everything Is Predetermined Except For Our Aspirations

lifeTwo questions I received about destiny:

Question: From a broader perspective, do you think that it is possible that things turn out the same whether you choose one way or another in life? Man’s perception of one way or the other way, meaning his decision and its consequences may be different, but is there still something like destiny lighting life’s path?

My Answer: Everything is predetermined except your aspiration, either to yourself or to the Creator. This is where you will feel the difference in your destiny.

Question: Since Kabbalah states that all is programmed or predetermined, is our time of “death” of the bodies we now use also predetermined?

My Answer: Undoubtedly it is, but what would be the point of knowing it?

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  1. There is no doubt in my mind this is correct and true. A time given for everything under the sun. A time for suffering and a time for healing. A lot of love can come from considering the question: “If today was your last day…” Well, I would write to Bnei Baruch and say, “I love you all.” Sandra

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