Everything Goes According To Nature’s Plan


Two questions I received about humanity’s previous correction and survival of the Jews:

Question: If I understand you correctly, humanity has previously existed in the corrected, ideal state several thousand years ago. What was the reason for the appearance of egoism that led to the downfall and “destruction of the Second Temple?” Could egoism and imbalance again appear when humanity reaches a new balance by correcting itself?

My Answer: Only part of humanity, the people of Israel, went through correction and breakage so that correction can take place again in our times. This time, however, the correction will include the entire world.

Question: Did the Jews survive as a single nation because of Judaism? If they didn’t survive as a nation, then would Kabbalah not have been revealed in our time?

My Answer: Everything goes according to Nature’s plan. Therefore, the Jews, who were part of the Babylonian civilization, survived in order that today, they can bring a method for everyone to change themselves in order to achieve the level of the Creator. Yes, we do have to change that much according to Nature’s plan!

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