The True Source Of Happiness

hopeTwo questions I received about happiness:

Question: How can we let young people and their parents know that long-term happiness is achieved better by suppressing the ego and instead choosing the forces of love and bestowal? How can we teach this principle and model it?

My Answer: The only way to cause correction and to create a new, stable generation is by introducing Kabbalah’s method of education and upbringing into the schools.

Question: How can I make myself happy?

My Answer: The source of happiness lies in being closer to the Creator.

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Baal HaSulam Article: “Introduction to the Book of Zohar. Item 39″


  1. Happiness is the goal of every human being in this planet , everyone wants to be happy`–

  2. everyone aims to have happiness on their lives and live a life that is full of it’,:

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