Religion Is A Human Invention That Causes Separation

New TheoriesTwo questions I received concerning Jewish mixed marriages and Jewish ancestry:

Question: If there are any problems in mixed (Jew and non-Jew) families then religious representatives of Judaism say that these marriages were prohibited by the Creator. Why then did the Almighty create so many mixed families?

My Answer: I don’t see problems in mixed families. Today, most families in America and Russia are mixed. If one spouse doesn’t become religious then there are no conflicts. Kabbalah is above religions and talks about unification of all in one Creator.  Religions were invented by people and thus separate them.

Question: Recently I found out that I am Jewish from my father’s side whose ancestors lived in Portugal in the Middle Ages and were forced by the Inquisition to either convert to Christianity or leave the country. They were called “marans.” How should I relate to it?

My Answer: Don’t change anything; continue to live your life as before. There are millions of people like you in the world. All will reach adhesion and equivalence of form with the Creator and with each other.

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  1. I stumbled upon this when I entered human invention and religion into Google. I am greatly confused by what you say which is probably because I am not too familiar with Kabbalah. If you acknowledge that religion is a human invention why do you believe in a creator ? Isn’t this concept a human invention in itself to make sense of the things we do not understand. Why does there have to be a creator – can’t things just take their way naturally ? Where is the evidence for a creator – even if there was how could we possibly know his/her purpose for us – there are millions of conflicting views. If there was an almighty power that wanted us to live in a certain way why wouldn’t it make it clear to us ?

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