A Child’s Question From The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: When you give your lessons I don’t understand them. How do I feel them in the heart?

My Answer: I will tell you a secret – nobody understands them, and still they listen. They listen and don’t understand; they listen again and don’t understand again, over and over. Gradually however, the mind develops and a new sense arises in a person that allows him to begin to recognize and feel.

Babies also have no understanding at all in the beginning, but every day they grow, they start walking and talking and eventually they become like you and then grow older.

One never understands today what he will know tomorrow. A person lives, grows and listens, and slowly a possibility is revealed in his heart so that he can feel and understand more. A whole range of feelings are revealed in the heart and a lot of ideas appear in the mind. This is how his world becomes larger and larger.

But our world has a limit, and we want to get beyond this limit. We stand at the borderline and yearn to get out of our “bubble.” In order to become free, we have to listen a lot and try to feel; we have to build up big internal pressure directed against an invisible partition. We press against it again and again until it cracks and we finally break out into the big outer world.

And here is a small digression for adults: Our life in this world begins with penetration of a male seed into a female ovum, which represents penetration of a small quality of bestowal into the sphere or quality of reception. Thus, a new life begins developing within it.

Today however, we have to leave this “bubble” that inflated during our development. It’s time to return outside.

(From the Children’s Lesson at the North American Congress 10.17.09)

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