Why Kabbalah Of All Things?

fear1Sometimes people ask me: why not something else, why Kabbalah of all things? But ask yourself: what is the matter of creation, what influences it, who is the giver and who is the receiver? And then show me any other method that is effective.

What else can there be? Can you create another physics in our world? No! Well, it’s the same with Kabbalah. This isn’t some theory that someone has invented. Kabbalists have learned the laws by which the desire to enjoy operates, and the force that influences it, the plus and the minus, one thing versus the other, and based on their observations, they created the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Granted that the only thing comprising creation is the Light and the desire, Kabbalah explains how the Lights and the desires interconnect with each other in every possible situation. This is why Kabbalah is a science.
(From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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