During The Period Of Concealment, We Grow From One Day To The Next Like A Baby

creationWhy did we have to go through billions of years of evolution in order to start ascending back where we came from, from below upwards? We have a huge desire that is concealed from us. It is connected to all the worlds. I have to perfect myself, and the changes that will happen inside me will influence this entire infinite desire – all of creation. And the changes taking place in it will, in turn, influence me as well, making tiny changes inside me, because I can only bear such small portions at a time.

We are incorporating ourselves into an enormous job, which is concealed from us. We are like a baby who advances and develops tremendously from one day to the next. Later on, he will never go through this kind of development for the rest of his life. The changes taking place inside him every month of the first year of his development are simply astounding, compared to the changes he will go through in one month later on, say at the age of five, ten, or twenty.

This is how swiftly we are changing, even though it is concealed from us. That is why this time is called “the period of concealment,” because the enormous work we are doing is concealed from us. It’s concealed from us just like from a baby, who makes efforts while not understanding what he does. That’s how we don’t understand what we are doing. But meanwhile, there are tremendous transformations taking place within us.
(From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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