We Can Rise Above Creation

risecreationAll that the Creator created, all of matter, is a desire. By acting like the Creator, I am essentially researching myself. It seems to us that there are many things existing in the world. However, the world is actually a person’s inner perception: it’s his inner state.

The matter of which I am made, the desire to receive pleasure, is organized within me in such a way that I call it, “my world.” Within this matter, I discover everything at the inanimate, vegetative, animate and human levels of nature. My entire desire is the reality within which I exist. All I have left to do is to uncover it completely and see how it is structured, what are its constituent parts, what forms each of the parts takes, and what are the various connections between the forms and parts.

This is how the Creator teaches me to identify His actions, and I increasingly study Him within myself. In the end, He is the one who acts and manages everything, while I am the one who becomes His creation by uncovering it all. How do I complete an action? I do it by uncovering the Creator within that action.

The Creator and I are both working on the same thing – my desire. With the help of my point in the heart, I can come out of my matter and study it from the outside. I can relate to it like the Creator does. In this case, He and I are together above this matter, above creation, and I can acquire the Creator’s mind and the Thought of Creation.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson on the article, “The Acting Mind”)

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