Kabbalah Is A Source Of Knowledge, Not Faith (Advanced)

What Is the Soul?A question I received: According to Kabbalah, we can’t correct ourselves. We have to place ourselves under the influence of the Upper Light. Also, there is no way we could feel the Upper Light. So, in order to place ourselves under the influence of the Light, we have to believe that it exists! Does this mean that at the initial stage (before the Machsom), Kabbalah is a faith and later, after the Machsom, it turns into science?

My Answer: Not exactly, because what incites you to study Kabbalah is not faith or someone’s persuasion, but your desire, the point in the heart that you feel compelled to fulfill. Therefore, it is similar to how you advance in any other science before you have mastered it. You do not have to believe; you have to know. This is what the Creator demands: “All will know Me, from the least of them to the greatest.” The revelation of the Creator is necessary to both man and the Creator.

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