How Does The Creator Become Revealed To Man?

spiritual-food-is-the-light-that-fills-ones-soulIt is necessary to understand that the same system in which we now exist, gradually moves us toward the spiritual system, and then to the Creator. The system of all the worlds is one. Granted, our world is cut off from the spiritual world, but it has the same parts: “world-year-soul.” Through this world, I enter the spiritual world. And once I do, then through the words that I read in the books of Kabbalah, I begin to reveal a greater depth in the system.

This is how I acquire a connection with the Creator, who is inside these actions. From these actions I attain His mind and His intentions toward me. This is how I gradually study myself, the Creator and the entire system.

All of this becomes revealed to me as a science. In addition, I suddenly discover how much my actions influence the whole system, because it is integral. I discover that I can incorporate myself into the whole system; I can be simultaneously present in all its parts and feel all the changes happening in it. This is the meaning of acquiring a spiritual Kli.

After that, one’s development only takes place inwards. It’s similar to how we gradually get to know a person.

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