Encountering A Wisdom That Reveals A New Life

purposeA question I received: What can I tell a person who is doubtful about attending an introductory lecture on Kabbalah? What can he receive from a one-time encounter with Kabbalah? What can coming into contact with this wisdom even once do for a person?

My Answer: It is quite possible that thanks to that one encounter, a person will be giving the greatest gift to himself by revealing his path in life. We keep track of our lives from the beginning, our birth, but if we understood the process, we would count back from the end of life to see how much time we have remaining.

A person who encounters Kabbalah brings Light into his life, with Light being the only positive force that exists in reality. A person then begins to see everything that happens as development through cause and effect, and he begins to see all of his problems correctly – as directing him to the goal. Kabbalah gives him power and reason to control his fate. It gives a person the Upper Light and teaches him how to control it (within the permitted limits and circumstances). All of this begins with one first encounter.

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