Be Like A Child: Reach For The Impossible

pennyThe most important thing is to reach a complete desire at every moment. Be like a baby: even though he will want something else the next second, right now, at this moment, he absolutely has to receive the thing he wants. This is very important: to ask and to scream for just one specific thing, and always try to live with a complete desire, taking it to the end.

When it comes to spiritual progress, a complete desire is the guarantee for success! If our desire isn’t complete, then it isn’t perfect, and that means it doesn’t match spirituality, which is perfect and complete on every degree. Therefore, if a person desires spirituality, but is still willing to compromise or give in in some way, then he could stay stranded between the heavens and earth all his life. He will not receive help from Above.

If you are able to feel inspired for just a moment, then try to enter this feeling deeper and develop it “beyond the possible.” These efforts will create your prayer (MAN) for ascension.

Be like a child who always wants to grow bigger than he is today and who always tries to do what he could never do before! He is always doing something for the first time, always adding something new and thereby advancing.

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  1. … and screaming very loud! 🙂


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