Why Are Most Israelis Opposed To Their Nation’s Traditional Customs?

why-are-there-so-many-different-words-in-the-torahIn the News (from Haaretz):The majority backs civil marriage” The vast majority of the Jewish community (65 percent) supports civil marriage. Among those who describe themselves as “traditional,” just over 50 percent support civil marriage. Among religious and ultra-Orthodox respondents,13 percent supported it. Among the secular, about 90 percent support it.

My Comment: This is a result of people’s adverse reaction to the religious decree governing marriage in Israel, and the absence of the proper, conventional education that nurtures love and respect of Israel’s traditions. The people’s attitudes to the Jewish traditions would improve a great deal if religion was separated from government. Giving people orders and using violent methods is not the way to have people develop the proper attitude to their cultural traditions correctly!

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