What We Think Is Love Is Egoism In Disguise

saveA question I received: Why do you say that we don’t know or understand what “love of others” is?

My Answer: People usually think that “love” is related to things like sex, taking care of a child, and helping the sick and needy. Now it is time to really understand this notion, which is why the current crisis has erupted. This crisis is here to make us realize what is love and what it means to lack love. This is, in fact, the essence of the crisis.

The only purpose of everything that is happening in finance, industry, and other areas is to show us what true love really is. We will then be able to compare everything else to this notion, and will realize that right now our only quality is egoism.

People will have to undergo this process, called “the revelation of evil.” They have to see that their current understanding of love is evil, as is the fact that they already think they love others. People will then realize that if they continue treating each other the way they are, then everyone will feel bad, both individually and collectively. I may feel good personally, but as long as I don’t love others, I am still in an evil state.

We have to define what “love of others” really is, as well as its opposite – hatred, because “the Light has advantage over the darkness.” As long as we don’t acknowledge that we hate everyone but ourselves, we will not be able to cross over to love. This is the first stage, and humanity is now starting to approach it.

For the time being, people are just agreeing, thinking that “Yes, it is possible that we don’t love each other enough.” However, they haven’t yet begun to realize the hatred that reigns among us.

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