We Are Programmed In This World, But There Is Freedom In the Upper World

Man's Relationship With the Creator Is Like a Dramatic Love StoryIn the News (from Northwestern University):Financial Risk Taking: Blame It On the Genes!” A new Northwestern University study links specific variants of two genes that regulate dopamine and serotonin neurotransmission to risk-taking in financial investment decisions.

In the News (from Nature Precedings): Ethnic populations representing areas throughout California were compared regarding cognitive ability, socioeconomic position, and mortality. Cognition and socioeconomic position were inversely correlated with mortality.

My Comment: One finds freedom only by attaining a new level – the level of bestowal and love. There is no freedom on the egoistic level, where everything is defined by our natural egoism. Freedom begins with attaining the quality opposite to egoism, and then finding an intelligent balance – the middle line – between this quality and the egoistic quality.

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