We All Have The Flu


By Norma Levine – Former CNN World Report contributor, TV commentator and Member of Bnei Baruch (translated from Cabalá en México):

Great – this is just what we needed! The world was just starting to recover from the economic “pneumonia” it got after the United States started “sneezing,” but now we went and got a new disease! The swine flu is here to once again remind us of how interconnected and interdependent we all are.

The General Director of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan, recently said, “All of humanity is under the threat of a pandemic.” Today, what happens in Mexico equally affects all of its neighbors, whether it is Europe or Asia. The boundaries between joy and grief have virtually disappeared. We are all part of an integral whole. The problem is, we don’t realize this.

Actually, the pandemic has already begun – it is a lack of the proper connection between us, while our interconnection has grown to a global scale. The dictionary definition of a “pandemic” is: “An epidemic or an infectious disease that spreads through large populations and covers a large region, such as a continent or even the whole world.” Today, hatred and indifference have spread all over the world, and we are facing an epidemic of separation between people.

People’s egoism causes them to put selfish interests above the interests of others, and this is what has brought us to the ecological, economic, and social crises, and now to a crisis of health as well. Maybe Nature wants to shake us up on purpose? Or perhaps the current situation isn’t enough to show us that we have to change our ways?

We want to believe that there is a cure for all our problems, but maybe we should pause for a moment to look at ourselves from the inside. Surely, that is where we will find the healing balm we all seek. We will then see that the way to “heal” all of humanity depends on how quickly we will begin to act as an integral whole.

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