Unity Is The Method Of Coming Out Of The Crisis

woman31A question I received: If someone came to you from an international news agency such as CNN and asked you to describe the wonderful method that you have, what would you tell them?

My Answer: This method shows us how to overcome the crisis that is now being revealed and spreading into all areas of our lives. Our survival is at stake, so if we want to save ourselves from destruction by natural disasters, famine, epidemics, and other misfortunes, we have to realize that the correction of our global situation depends on one thing: the establishment of interpersonal relationships as though we are members of one family. I think this example speaks for itself and requires no further explanation.

Anyone can envision a family whose members understand that they are connected and interdependent, who take care of one another and live together. This is the kind of relationship that we must develop among all the people on earth!

To this end, we have to explain to everyone that we are all interdependent and can do nothing to escape this connection. This understanding will oblige people to unite. Everyone should understand that by uniting, they will eliminate all the problems in the world.

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