True Freedom Is Not What We Think

upper-worldA question I received: On one hand, we say that the whole world depends on my correction and I carry the burden of all the responsibility. On the other hand, my future depends on the others – I will not have a good life until everyone else is corrected. Thus, the responsibility lies upon others. Which of these two views is correct?

My Answer: Both are correct. This is the essence of a closed, interconnected system. It is much like a situation where your child can do anything he wants to you, influencing you through his feelings, health, and mood.

By acquiring love for others, you become their slave. Love makes you a slave. You may object, “This doesn’t sound like freedom at all.” But it is: being dependent on everyone else frees you from yourself. You then think only about their desires. This is spirituality, the world to come, and true freedom.

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