The Period Of Egoistic Exchange Has Ended

freeThe current crisis has reached a level where our egoistic detachment from one other is at its peak, and it does not allow us to make any collective actions. Today we are even incapable of making an exchange, where we give something and receive something in return. That is, we are not even capable of giving in order to receive.

I cannot deposit my money in the bank and get it back, I cannot work for someone and receive my salary, an owner of one business cannot sell his product to another and make a profit. This kind of mutual exchange no longer works!

This is why we will have to shift to an attitude of care for others. This is the only way that everyone will be able to get everything they need for a comfortable existence.

We used to live in a world where we could receive without consideration for others, without giving anything in return, or in other words – to steal. The entire history of our civilization over millennia is a history of exchange and interaction, as it says in the Bible, “Go and earn from each other.”

Today, however, this period of egoistic exchange has ended. You cannot receive nor give for the sake of receiving anymore. But then how can we exist? What should we do?

Humanity has not realized its new state yet. People still do not understand that the old regulators are gone, and that from now on everyone will be able to live only by being completely interconnected with the world. This is the condition of the global, integral world. This condition is called “mutual guarantee.”

People will attain prosperity only through others, depending on how kindly they will think of others, and on how much they desire to give to others. This is what today’s crisis is pushing us toward.

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