New Princeton Study: Thoughts Influence Matter

a-woman-can-advance-independentlyIn the News (from Gizmag): A lamp that reads your mind…maybe” The Psyleron Mind Lamp changes color due to the power of the human mind. Researchers at Princeton University developed the Mind Lamp, which has a microprocessor that checks for statistical patterns in the REG. This causes the lamp to change its color and move through deep shades of white, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and magenta. The internal REG can be influenced by the human mind whether by intention, emotion, thought or subconscious processes.

My Comment: Of course, it is precisely our thoughts and desires (the mind and the heart) that influence the world. It is impossible to influence the world through physical actions.

And this is the source of our problems: we can limit or change our physical actions, but how can we control our thoughts and desires? Only the Upper Force, which created us and our nature, is able to change them. The science of Kabbalah gives us this possibility.

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