It Is Time To Clean the World Of Hatred

why-do-we-see-such-a-diverse-worldIf the G20 Summit, which was held at the beginning of April, had reached a decision aimed at unification, or even partial unity, if the G20 had accepted the need for a global education and for creating a strong global system that would explain the cause and the solution to the crisis – then just by doing this, they would have begun to correct the world. This has to be done gradually, using the mass media, in order to change people’s relationships with each other, amend the legislation, and so on.

All the changes should happen by people’s concept, and they should come with elaborate explanations for the masses. For example, why are all the programs that propagate animosity and coercion being taken off the air? The connection between us requires us to eliminate all the things that bring about detachment, separation, hatred, and distancing between everyone. This is what we mean by education.

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