In The New World, We’ll Compete Over Bestowal To Others

riseA question I received: If we change our egoistic model of behavior to one of mutual friendship and consideration, wouldn’t this stop the development that competition brings?

My Answer: Competition will not disappear. Here’s why.

Today a person wants to maximize his profit, but he’s discovering that his success depends on the entire world. As he observes the growing connection between himself and the world, he will begin to feel how bestowal to others will eventually cause him to be successful. He won’t be better off because the world suddenly became wealthier and he got a share of the profit, but because he gradually started to feel that by making actions of bestowal to the world, he connects to something higher – a higher fulfillment and satisfaction. And this higher fulfillment is what starts to give him the sense of a meaning in everything taking place – a feeling of the Creator.

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