Humanity Is Like Fish Caught In Nature’s Net

is-the-bermuda-triangle-myth-or-realityA question I received: Suppose that all of humanity gets together as one family and decides that they will divide all the resources fairly between all seven billion people. But what will happen if people remain inside their egos, which only continue to grow?

My Answer: It is impossible to do what you describe without correction. Therefore, the way to all of this should be paved by education. When I say “education,” I mean the teaching and explanation about one’s freedom of choice, the goal of creation, the essence of a human being, how we perceive reality, and the development of humanity by way of egoistic development. It’s because we have to learn how to live in the new, unified, interconnected system. We cannot run away from this system, and thus we have no choice.

You are like a fish caught in a net, and in order to survive, you have to learn the laws of this net. We must now learn the laws of the new global world and pass them on to the whole of humanity. People have to understand these laws and the fact that they have no choice. Otherwise, they will be pushed to the same thing by suffering, until they will finally start to obey the common law of nature against their will.

This is how the laws of Nature are becoming revealed. Kabbalah and Bnei Baruch are not trying to give people orders as to what they should be doing. Rather, they have to understand these things and agree with them, at least in part. However, in order to get there, there has to be a permanent media campaign that would show people examples of the correct behavior. All of this should be encouraged by society, and it can only happen when people will realize that this is the only possible choice.

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